Jericho Park Lake under Ice
Shannon Falls Spring Thunder
acrylic on canvas-24"x18"-$350
Sturdies Bay on Galiano Island
acrylic on canvas-20"x24-nfs
Salt Spring Serenity
16"x12"-acrylic on canvas-$250
Jericho Beach
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-$250
Visiting the Silver Pavilion
12"x16"-acrylic on canvas-nfs
The Gondolier
acrylic on canvas-20"x16"-not for sale (nfs)
Arbutus at Grandma's Bay
acrylic on canvas-16"x20"-nfs
Salt Spring Boat Ramp
acrylic on canvas-16"x20"-$190
Southey Point
acrylic on canvas-nfs
North Pender from Ruckle
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-$150
Czar Alexanders's Bridge
acrylic on canvas-20"x24"-$225
Emerald Waters Run Deep
acrylic on canvas-16"x12"-$250
Emerald River
acrylic on canvas-16"x20"-$160
La Conner
acrylic on canvas-16"x20"-$210
On Reflection
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-nfs
The Rainbow Bridge at Kanaka Creek
acrylic on canvas-36"x48"-SOLD
Sailing at the Luxembourg
acrylic on canvas-18"x24'-$200
Coming into St Martin de Ré
acrylic on paper-11"x10"-nfs
Myrthios from Plakias
acrylic on canvas-12"x10'-$125
Jutland West Coast
watercolour on paper-nfs
Whistler from the Valley Trail
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-$150
Qualicum Beach
acrylic on board-10"x14"-$125
The Vesuvius Ferry
watercolour on paper-not for sale (nfs)
Le Somail
acrylic on canvas-18'x24"-$125
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acrylic on canvas-10"x8"-$70
A Good Cast
acrylic on canvas-Private Collection
Andrew's Canal Boat
acrylic on canvas-Private Collection
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On Reflection

acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-nfs