Shannon Falls Spring Thunder
acrylic on canvas-24'x18"-$350
Jericho Park Lake under Ice
Distant Horizons
acrylic on canvas-14"x11"-$150
Nitobe in the Fall
acrylic on canvas-14"x18"- nfs
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-nfs
Sasamat Path
acrylic on canvas-10"x8"-$150
Misty Ridge-Galiano
acrylic on canvas-24"x20"-nfs
Steep Trail-Galiano
acrylic on canvas-24"x20"-nfs
On the Philosopher's Walk
acrylic on canvas-11"x14"-$150
Jericho Park Lake-Study
acrylic on canvas board-10"x12"- Private Collection
Arbutus at Grandma's Bay
acrylic on canvas-nfs
Denise's Cottage
acrylic on canvas-private collection
Tulip Time
acrylic on canvas-10"x12"-$150
The Old Mouat Farm, Salt Spring
Nitobe Peace
acrylic on canvas-
18"x 36"-private collection
Myrthios from Plakias
acrylic on canvas-12"x10"-$125
Late Summer
acrylic on canvas-nfs
Jutland West Coast
Coming Out of the Woods
oil on board-14"x12"-$125
Eagle Over Jug Island
private collection
The Heat of the Day
acrylic on canvas-nfs
Oia Dawn
acrylic on canvas-10"x8"-$75
acrylic on board-12"x14"-$85
acrylic on canvas-10"x8"-$75
Torquay Weather
acrylic on canvas-11"x14"-private collection
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Eagle Over Jug Island

private collection