Fall in the Mountains
Time to Get Some Shade
oil on canvas-16"x12"-$250
Granville Island Boatyard
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-$190
On the Philosopher's Walk
acrylic on canvas-11"x14"-$150
Going to Granville Island Market
acrylic on canvas-9"x12"-$150
Lunch in Pienza
acrylic on canvas-nfs
La Conner
acrylic on canvas-16"x20"-$210
A Latte in Lucca
acrylic on canvas-$190
Acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-nfs
Pienza Noon
acrylic on canvas-11"x14"-$150
Pilgrim's Church-Montepulciano
acrylic on canvas-19"x15"-$250
Florence's Dome
acrylic on canvas-16"x12"-nfs
Czar Alexanders's Bridge
acrylic on canvas-24"x20"-$275
Tiber Bridge
acrylic on canvas-16"x20"-nfs
Monteriggione 2
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-nfs
Railspur Alley
acrylic on canvas-10"x12"-$175
A Corner of Aix
acrylic on canvas-$190
Roussillon Reds
acrylic on canvas-16"x12"-$125
The Evening Stroll in Bordeaux
acrylic on canvas-nfs
The Heat of the Day
acrylic on canvas-12"x10"-nfs
Torquay Weather
acrylic on canvas-11"x14"-private collection
Retired in Provence
acrylic on canvas-private collection
Chau Say, Cambodia at Dawn
acrylic on canvas-8"x10"-$125
Caught in Traffic
acrylic on canvas-nfs
The Stork Fountain
acrylic on hardboard-nfs
Church at the Summer Palace
Private Collection
Coming into St Martin de Ré
acrylic on paper-11"x10"-nfs
Towards Fowey
pastel on paper-nfs
Tuscan Belltower
acrylic on canvas-12"x16"-nfs
Hamilton Harbour
watercolour on paper-13"x17"-$175
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Retired in Provence

acrylic on canvas-private collection