About Me

Born in England, I went to high school in the city of Durham, and later graduated as an architect from the University of Bristol.

I worked as an architect in Bristol, London and Toronto before making my home in Vancouver in 1974, becoming a citizen shortly after arriving.

For many years I enjoyed painting in watercolour for architectural illustration purposes and then later took it up more freely, as a hobby. 

In the early 2000’s I changed to a more 'gutsy' medium in the form of acrylics. 


I improved my skills in acrylics by taking evening courses and classes with many established and exceptionally talented Vancouver artists including Janice Robertson, Barrie Chadwick and Andrew McDermott, all of the Federation of Canadian Artists. 

Recently I had the pleasure of learning oil painting with Deborah Tilby, SFCA, OPA.

Married in 1979 and now a grandfather; I enjoy walking, golfing, biking, sailing on other peoples' boats and exploring the world, (which allows me to bring home images of warm places to paint during the dark days of winter). 

When not enjoying the above pursuits, I like to spend my time working in the garden, painting, creating travel talks and playing with my grandson.